Friday, March 25, 2011

EARTH HOUR 2011...!!

March 26th 2011 is Earth Day,where people across the globe,switch off the lights for one hour,to take their stand against "climate change" and "global warming"!

FOUR COMICS on the same:

the treatment!

earth hour?
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Prateek said...

Second toon is epic.

LHInsights said...

very very cool :) loved it and the 1,2 are the best :)

moisuc said...

Great toons:))

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Hey can I use a few of your toons regarding environment in our newsletter. Basically I am from an NGO in coimbatore called Siruthuli ( for environment protection. I can acknowledge it with your name too.Hope you dont mind.

Ashwini said...

Sad, But it's the truth.

Sparkling Star said...

sorry for the late reply, yes u can use my toons, until u give me due credit.
Thanks all...


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