Monday, February 21, 2011


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Ms Anuradha Prasad trended at #7 on Twitter for her "cricket" question in PM's Presser on "Politics & Corruption"!

How can I miss felicitating her on my comics blog? :)

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Ashutosh Narayan Singh said...

Such a tough question it was!! If said India, it would be communal, if said secular Pakistan, saffron terrorist of BJP would blackmail him! Arre Anuradha aunty, are you a BJP or what? Uncle se jhagda ho gaya???

Just another guy said...

Shame on Indian journalism!

Sparkling Star said...

Hahahaha!! You will beat me in sarcasm! :) Thnx for dropping by and commenting :)
@Just another guy,
Yes,sad by true.. Thnx :)

Mr Happy said...

if she is asking questions like this i think anuradha prasad shuld be replaced by Mandira bedi, atleast she will be eye candy to ppl in PMO office....

i think her next question to MMS would have been - Sir ye aapne ainak kahan se banwaya , mujhe bhi banwake do naa, plzzzzzzzzzz...isse WC11 dekhne mein mazaa ayega


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