Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Barkha dutt's EOJ series

Read ALL the previous Barkha Dutt COMICS here:

Here you go tweeple, for ALL of you, who asked me for comics on Barkha Dutt's "Error Of Judgement" dialogue to Manu Joseph! :)

6 comics on the same:

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shashi said...

Great! Like the concept of putting relevant issues through humour!!

I-Ore Trading said...

Great Job! Satire delivers a punch harder than anger can.

This is sure way to knock the guilty out.

Compel them to fade away.

We do not need such individuals. They demean the profession and professionals.

Sanjeevi said...

Wonderful & meaningful cartoons. Wish more & more follow on these line.

Nethra said...

Awesome! :)

Tripurari said...


Atheist said...

Hahahhaahha..wonderful job Swathi!

prashhanthkpp said...

Hahaha - can not be more apt than this depiction in the context of #Barkha. Simply superb!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Scrolled down few posts and loved every one of them. Barkha takes the cake though:)


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