Sunday, May 23, 2010

Social Networking Frets!

Have you come across your "Friends" on social networking sites fretting and cribbing that their News Feed contains your updates regularly? Do they complain everytime you post a status or photos??

Here goes some empirical comics...

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Prasanna Rajan said...

Excellent Swathi. Your sense of humor, really amazes me. This is a blow to all social networking cry babies. Keep rocking...

Tarun Mitra said... u are spared there was a time when I was Mafia freak, :P

Swathi Pradeep said...

Thanks a lot Prasanna for loving my work :)
I was pissed with such losers who have nothing to post on their walls,and cant shut their mouths too!! So,wanted to express my self with these cartoons..

If u want to add anything more,do let me know,I can create that cartoon :)

Even I used to play farmville,cafe world etc.. I m not talking abt such updates..

In fact I m talking abt updates of our daily lives which we post like photos,news etc and ppl complain

Raghu V N said...

Great humor!!

ViShaL said...

Awespme work Swathi...I think your toons carry the punch whcih we generally see missing in other toons these days..well done...keep it up :)

Swathi Pradeep said...


Thanks a lot for visiting my blog,loving the toons and for all those kind words..
Pls visit daily for daily comics :)

devilzangel said...

hahaha d 2nd n 3rd 1 wer funniest of em all lolll :p

Anonymous said...

Serves all the social networking cry babies right!
Great take on this so called issue there :) Good Work!


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