Sunday, March 27, 2011


Time to rename "Congress" as "SCAM-GRESS"?!!

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Rosh said...

Instead of showing Sonia throwing the darts at MM, you should have shown the common man throwing the darts at MM and Sonia wacthing as if horified by the events. Anyways love your cartoons, keep it up. gr8. Thanks.

Nethra said...

Everything missed him? He's really fortunate.

Sparkling Star said...

Rosh, I made Sonia throw darts at him,cos that's what is happening.. She is making him the scapegoat for everything.. ;) thnx for loving my comics ;)
@Nets, you bet!!! ;) he is indeed very lucky ;)

Ashwini said...

So True. Madam keeps playing making Sir the scapegoat. Nice nice :)


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